Why Fresh Breath Sprays Are More Convenient Than Mints Or Gum

Breath Freshening Sprays Are Trending As British-made STAY COOL Debuts In The US Market

FORT LAUDERDALE, FL.- Fresh breath sprays are back, and they’re the latest trend in oral hygiene. Retail reports indicate that more Americans are dumping gum and trying out sprayable oral breath fresheners.


Chewing gum can come off unprofessional, or be a visual distraction in a work environment, so breath sprays have become the upscale option for freshening up after a snack break, smoke break, or coffee break. When presentation is everything, breath sprays allow for a more discreet solution for maintaining breath freshness while at work or on the go.


Aptly named British brand, STAY COOL, is set to debut its best-selling breath spray in the United States. STAY COOL brings fresh innovations to the market by providing a product suitable for vegetarians. Other breath sprays, mints, and even mouthwash often contain animal derived glycerin, whereas STAY COOL uses only the highest grade vegetable-based glycerin in their products. STAY COOL also has a glycemic index of zero, meaning it does not raise blood sugar, making it suitable for diabetics, and people on a keto diet. Being keto-friendly is an intentional advantage, since one side effect of the keto diet can be halitosis, and trying to fix the problem by chewing sugar-free gum can lead to feeling bloated and gassy. STAY COOL is a quick way to freshen up, even at work or in a crowded place, since each sleek canister is small enough to fit neatly into a pocket or purse, and packed with enough breath freshener to last for a guaranteed 130 sprays.


Variety is important since not all taste combinations are created equal. For example, with most breath freshening sprays only available in mint flavor, using them after drinking a cup of coffee or drinking acidic juice, can be unpleasant, to say the least. Many people would risk going in to work with coffee breath rather than sitting through an hour-long meeting with a bad taste in their mouth.


The most distinctive feature of STAY COOL breathe freshener sprays is certainly its extensive flavor variety. While fresh flavors like Cool Mint, Cinnamon, and Spearmint are part of its flavor lineup, it also includes some unique and craveable additions like Strawberry, Chocolate-Mint, Cardamom, and Watermelon. The element of choice and customization makes STAY COOL particularly appealing to the vape crowd, who may want to freshen up after vaping, or simply add a pop of flavor without vaping.


STAY COOL is currently available for purchase in over 25 countries worldwide across UK, Europe (Austria, France, Greece, Italy, Romania plus more), Scandinavia (Finland) the Middle East (Dubai, Qatar and Saudi Arabia) and Asia (China, Vietnam, Singapore and Malaysia) but their 2020 expansion into the US is a big area of focus for the brand. Look for STAY COOL on sale online and in stores throughout the United States in 2020.