More Than Mint: Flavor Variety In Breath Freshening Sprays

STAY COOL Breath Freshener Sprays Offer Surprising Variety

FORT LAUDERDALE, FL.- British brand, STAY COOL brings style and variety to the ever-growing market of breath freshening sprays as they expand into the United States.


Breath freshening sprays have been a growing trend in the United States, as more and more people give up chewing gum and chomping mints for a spritz of an oral hygiene spray. Besides its portability, breath freshening sprays have the advantage of being discreet, but until now the available flavors have been less than creative, and rarely delicious. STAY COOL is livening up the market with a whopping seven flavors to choose from.


While flavors like Cool Mint, Spearmint, and even Cinnamon are established favorites, STAY COOL also makes fruit-flavored sprays like Strawberry, Watermelon, and craveable new additions like Cardamom, and Chocolate Mint. Breath freshening sprays are more than a mask for bad breath, a refreshing burst of flavor can help give the brain a quick wake-up call when it starts to slow down mid-day. Activating the taste buds can get the whole body moving, sending signals from the mouth to the brain, triggering feelings of excitement or delight.


But the flavor burst of STAY COOL breath freshening sprays come at zero cost. With zero calories, zero carbs, zero alcohol, zero animal ingredients, and zero sugar, it’s a perfect pick-me-up for people who are conscious about raising their blood sugar. Breath freshening sprays are also an increasingly popular way to help cover the smell of smoking or vaping, without being overpowering in scent, or conspicuous to use, like gum.


STAY COOL isn’t just about great taste, their sprays are also anti-bacterial. Instead of using alcohol which can be harsh and damaging, STAYCOOL uses Cetylpyridinium Chloride (CPC) a clinically proven antibacterial agent, in all of their products. By eliminating the bacteria that cause bad breath odor, a couple of quick spritzes can prevent bad breath from reemerging throughout the day.


Part of the rise in popularity of breath freshening sprays is because more people are working in close proximity to their peers. Having fresh breath can be a real confidence booster, while constantly chewing gum can come off as a nervous tick. Breath freshening sprays lend all the good qualities, like oral hygiene and fresh breath, without the unwanted chewing.


STAY COOL has seen a lot of success in its home market, and now expanding into the United States retail market is the next logical step for this increasingly popular brand. While they are already available in stores and online overseas, American consumers can expect to find them for purchase in early 2020.